can someone please tell me what happened to that fic "birthday licks" because i was going to read it yesterday but i couldn't so i was going now and then it is just not there anymore ~dying ;; i really really really like your tumblr, thank you ~<3

…It seems to be that the author has deactivated her account…? I tried searching up the Livejournal too, but it’s not there either? NOOO… I LOVED THE AUTHOR’S STUFF, SOBS.

-Admin K

wae no fics ;_;

We’re both super busy, and recently I haven’t found any really good fics that are worth sharing, you know? People are free to submit fics though ;).

-Admin K

Ugh I'm terrible because I only remember one thing, but can you help me find a fic where tao and kris are college students and they like each other but tao doesn't want to really date kris at first because Luhan likes him but kris is persistent anyways? I know it's completed and on AFF but that's it. Thank you!

♕ Living Marionette  

Tao and Kris are members of the Chinese mafia in Hong Kong. But when an assignment goes wrong, Tao takes the rap for Kris.

nc-17 | au, horror/dark | completed 

☆thank you teaganbrooke for the submission!

Taoris incest pls? ^^

Yaaas (our incest tag).

Any fic wherein tao is a troublemaker?

Racing AUs?


Sorry, oTL.

Any daddy kink?


You can check here too.

♕ Heal 

Kris gets drunk and crashes at his friend’s apartment only to wake up and discover that his friend’s apartment looks a lot different than it used to.

nc-17 | au, smut, romance | completed


Do you have any twin au fics? Like twins yifan and Kris + tao? ^^ thanksss

Twins…? Erm, I’m not aware of any fics in which they are twins. Perhaps someone could help?