Do you know if there are any Tao x MaleOC fics???

…Ooh. I’ve never even thought of that… But unfortunately, I do not know of any fics like that. I tend to stay away from OC’s in general. Maybe one of our followers know?

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22nd Aug
Canon canon canon taoris pleaseeee :3

I’m actually terrible and don’t read a lot of canon fics in general so I’m literally of no help :/. But I’m sure some of our lovely followers know a couple~! If you know some, wanna help us out ;)?

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WAIT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW MY FIC (NAUGHTY BOY) WAS UNAVAILABLE XD i'm so sorry about that! it's been put in for a trigger warning after getting a report! i'm very sorry to that anon! ;_;

Have no fear dear Anon, BrightStar32 is here (with the fic), teehee.

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11th Aug

♕ "Do he got the booty": A scientific background and analysis on the posterior of Huang Zitao 

'Do he got the booty': A scientific background and analysis on the posterior of Huang Zitao

Student: Wu Yi Fan Student

No.: #32409850 

June 2014 

University of British Columbia

pg-13 | comedy, au | completed

!age swap

Would you guys happen to know a few fics around the super natural area? Like, Tao or Kris have super powers or aren't human, whether it'd be wolf or demon. Thank you.

I personally don’t read a lot of supernatural fics (if any at all), but you can check out our supernatural tag!

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Can you help me find this story where taoris were brothers and tao watches kris jack off through the vents in their room and tao says he has a crush on chanyeol so he doesnt get caught checking out kris during his basketball games thank you~

OHOHOH. I KNOW THIS ONE. It’s called “Naughty Boy” by BrightStar32, but it’s currently unavailable… 

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sugar daddy fic anon here: i meant it in a spoils tao way

Hm, okay! So like, there surprisingly aren’t a lot? I mean, I’m sure there are a lot, but Kris isn’t really a sugar daddy… So I only found two…

If anyone knows anymore fics please let us know because I love the idea of a sugar daddy!Kris, hehe.

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Any Harry potter au!

Check it out here! Albeit it hasn’t changed…

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♕ a smoke 

In which Yifan is asked by his intern at a corporate party to slip out “for a smoke.”

nc-17 | au, smut | completed

♕ 为时已晚 (But He Still Tries) 

It’s an hour from midnight when Tao receives a message that makes him go running.

g | angst | completed