♕ Look What You're Doing, Look What You've Done 

Tao is dating Kris, Tao flirts with someone who’s not Kris, Kris doesn’t handle it well.

nc-17 | romance, au, smut | completed


♕ Airborne 

Zitao is a junior steward and he is late for his long haul flight bound for Vancouver. Unfortunately, today is the day Wu Yifan, the notoriously fierce chief air steward, is in charge of his crew and Zitao knows he’s in for an uncomfortable ride.

nc-17 | au, smut | completed

♕ Enough 

If Tao had any coherent thought left, he might find it funny that the one set of come-soaked sheets he was going to be washing at his hotel job would be his own.

nc-17 | au, smut | completed

♕ Men and Boys 

In a sterotypical sense, Tao is more of a teenager than Kris ever was.

nc-17 | au, angst, smut | completed

♔ The Neighbor 

Tao is a dedicated employee of an advertising company living a routinely life until his new neighbor moves next door and turns his life upside down.

nc-17 | au, romance?, comedy | ongoing

So im looking for 2 taoris fics. :)) the first one is exo has disbanded and kris is in canada and tao is in qingdao and tao is saying that kris will always have a place in qingdao or something. There is implied drug use. It's a oneshot. The other fic is Kris and Tao always meet up every year and this time is the last time and they love each other but kris is already married and tao is getting married. And they didnt say I love you even though both of them wanted to. Haha. Thanks alot! ^^

I’m not sure about the first one, but the second one is definite nostalgia need not linger :). I absolutely despise angst, but that one is definitely amazing.

-Admin K

Hello! Do you have a copy of "Like Smoke"? Uhuhu the author deleted it. I heard so many good things about it. Thanks! ;A;

ahh I know for a fact that olivia (admin o) has the fic saved on her computer so it’s probably better to ask her~ (this is her: yijeongs)

hi it’s admin o, i’m not sure how the author would feel about having it distributed since i think she probably deleted her journal for a reason, though i’m really sorry to hear that ;~~; erm… if you solemnly swear that you will never, ever share it with anyone i guess i can send out a few copies? ;; just inbox me your email on my main (again, yijeongs) & i’ll try to get it to you when i can. ;;

Hey can you pls find some fics with tao as the girl like a het!taoris au....


These are the only ones I found via Google on the first page. I’m disappointed though because I knOW I’ve read more, OTL. Hope these are enough!

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10th Sep

♔ Chained 

It’s been one year since Wu Yifan sold his last slave, and he isn’t any closer to buying another one than he was that day. But could a trip to Qingdao to visit an old friend change his mind?

r | slavery!au, hurt/comfort | ongoing

☆thank you anon for the submission! the genres may be off or not mentioned because i have not read this yet~!

For the other anon wanted Tao with a Male OC, theres one that hasn't started yet but it's Tao with Daniel Henney, it's called Lavish Impressions on AFF

Oh, haaay. Thanks! Here’s the linky anon!

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(It looks interesting myself; I might even read it.)