♕ our love is young and true  

To say that Wufan and Zitao were into each other would be an understatement.

nc-17 | fluff, romance, au | completed 

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♕ airplane trails 

when zitao leaves china to study in korea, he meets his new roommate, kris.

pg-15 I slight!smut, romance, au I completed

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♔ Two. 

In which Tao wakes up to find himself being molested by two pairs of hands that looked ridicolously similar.  

nc-17 | smut | completed

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OMG IT WAS TEH SECOND FIC THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! (the chantaoris fic)

glad we could help!!! (:
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8th Apr
Can you please suggest me some long good Taoris fics which are NOT by shadowgami and in which Taoris is the main focused couple? I've already read the great wonder wall of china, cupids kitchen and le cafe de lamour and all the shadowgami fics, but now I'm stuck without any Taoris. I am desperate, so please help!!


All of these are on AFF and were all updated this year (except for the last one). They’re all different genres too. Hope this is enough!

(And what I mean by they’re not the main couple is that, even though the aren’t the focused couple, they still get a good amount of chapters, etc.)

it wasn't smutty at all (chantaoris) it was more like kris wanted to win over tao bc chanyeol became his boyfriend and chanyeol said something like "don't give up on him, bc i want him to love me bc he does" or smtg like that. but thanks for teh fic rec!

Could it be either of these two fics?

for the person looking for the chantaoris thing, perhaps they had Second Place by xMiu-Chan on AFF in mind?

Okay, thank you! Linkeu.

about the anon asking for the chantao/taoris fic where chantao is in a relationship i think the fic she's looking for is called sucker punch but it seems like the author took it down

Oh, okay… Thank you for informing us though~!

She's thinking about turning Salty Lips into an original story though so it may not be gone forever!

Oh, okay! That’s cool too. I just want the story to be finished in general, hehe. Thanks for informing us~.

I'm not sure exactly what the fandom did but I think it had something to do with her hiding her stories temporarily. But whatever the fandom did made her decide to ignore fandom and stop writing fics. Though like I said she's focusing on original writing now and she still likes exo.

…/cries a bit on the inside because that was the only Taoris chaptered fic I was reading that updated.